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Republic day in Northern Cyprus

Updated: 3 weeks ago

Perhaps this is the main national holiday of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. Do not confuse this holiday with Turkish Republic Day, which is celebrated on October 29!

День Республики Северный Кипр

History of Republic Day in Northern Cyprus

Republic Day TRNC is a national holiday celebrated in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus every year on November 15, commemorating the declaration of the independent state in 1983.

This year in Turkey, the only country that recognizes TRNC, the Embassy of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus in Ankara held a reception ceremony with the participation of high-ranking guests. In the unrecognized republic itself, political representatives from some countries arrived on November 15 of the same year, but mostly from Turkey.

Celebratory Events on Republic Day

The annual celebrations begin at 12:00 on November 14 and continue throughout November 15. Events take place in all regions of the country, and representatives from several countries, mainly Turkey, visit Northern Cyprus and participate in the festivities. The main celebration locations include Kemal Atatürk Memorial in Nicosia, Nicosia Martyrs' Memorial, and Fazıl Küçük's grave. An official parade takes place on Dr. Fazıl Küçük Boulevard in Nicosia and Kyrenia, and an aviation show dedicated to the holiday can be observed on the Kyrenia waterfront.

Frequently Asked Questions about Holidays in Northern Cyprus

What other national holidays are there in TRNC?

Among secular holidays, you can mention the aforementioned Turkish Republic Day, as well as several other memorial dates related to Turkey and Atatürk—see the full list of official holidays in TRNC.

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