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Where to go for fresh strawberry in Northern Cyprus?

Updated: 4 months ago

Traditionally, ground strawberries ripen in Cyprus in May. Greenhouse strawberries on Cypriot farms grow all year round, but ground strawberries grow only in spring and autumn.

If you want to spend your free time in an interesting and useful way, picking berries is allowed on Cypriot strawberry farms. Strawberries can be harvested both in the beds and in greenhouses - some varieties of strawberries are also grown in them in the spring. The time of the trip must be chosen, for example, before the weekend, not after. Because after the invasion of berry lovers on holidays or Saturday and Sunday, there are not so many strawberries left.

Current prices for farm strawberries for May 2023: a standard small bucket of strawberries 400-500 gr costs 50 TL if you just buy from the farm. The same bucket with access to the farm - 100 TL. You can independently fill a bucket with the most selected strawberries and eat berries in unlimited quantities directly from the garden. Children especially like these trips.

Strawberry farm locations:


Ботанический сад (Botanical Garden)
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