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The biggest supermarket in Northern Cyprus

Updated: 3 months ago

There are several large supermarket chains in Northern Cyprus such as Sokmar, Macro (formerly LeMar), Ileli or Killer. But the largest supermarket on the northern part of the island is called Erülkü Süpermarket and is located on the highway near the airport.

The store is really huge, it has everything you need - groceries, household chemicals, goods for the garden and more. Fresh homemade bread and chilled fish can also be bought at Erülkü. Many items are priced lower than other major stores. Often there are discounts and various promotions.

Along the perimeter of the trading floor there are several different cafes and small clothing stores. In general, you can spend quite a long time here.

Erülkü Süpermarket


Erülkü Süpermarket
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