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La Nouba Does Uber

Updated: 1 day ago
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Pioneering club La Nouba does "Uber" Kyrenia nightclub La Nouba has taken a massive step forward in providing a taxi call line for patrons wishing to visit their club in Karaoglanoglu.

La Nouba has taken a huge step in societal responsibility by making it easier than ever before to go to their club, and be driven to and from the venue safely.

This move coincides with the recent move by the TRNC government to charge drivers 10,000GBP that are caught drink driving, along with immediate arrest and imprisonment until trial. Unlike the rest of Europe, (or even the world!), the TRNC does not have any mini cab firms, app-based rides such as Uber, or Bolt, or hail-able taxis that can be flagged down when needed.

Current TRNC law only allows individual licensed taxi firms to operate which is of little use to tourists, who won’t know who these firms or individuals are, or how to get hold of them. This pioneering move by La Nouba, to pick up and drop guests off, wherever they are on the island, to and from the club, will start on Friday 12 July 2024.

In addition to this landmark move, La Nouba will also pick up 50% of the fare charged by each driver. Customers wishing to use this service need to call +90533 820 0202.

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