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Bicycle Rental in Nicosia

Updated: 2 months ago

In the capital of Northern Cyprus, there is a bicycle rental system using a sharing system - when you start in one place and return it in another.

байк шеринг никосия


The essence of the bike-sharing system is that you can pick it up at one point, travel some distance, and return it at another point without returning it to the starting point. Bicycle sharing can be free when bicycles are parked anywhere in the city, and sometimes with base stations.

This is exactly what is presented in the Cypriot capital - There are 410 bikes at the rental company's 43 stations, allowing you to explore different areas of Nicosia and park your bike when you get tired of riding.


On the docking station

  • Tap the screen to activate
  • Select "Rent a bike"
  • Enter the number of bikes to rent
  • Select a tariff plan
  • Confirm your agreement to the Terms of Use
  • Insert your bank card (Visa or Mastercard) into the reader and then remove it
  • Enter your mobile phone number
  • Check the amount due and confirm it
  • Print your 5-digit travel code
  • Enter this code on the keypad at the bike rack within 5 minutes
  • After the green light appears on the rack, remove the bike

Using the app

  • Download the CycleFinder app (for Android and iOS) and register
  • From the city options, select "Velespeed Nicosia"
  • Enter the number of bikes to rent
  • Select a tariff plan
  • Fill in user information and payment details
  • Accept the terms and confirm the transaction
  • Click on the selected station and on the image of the lock to create a temporary travel code - you need to do this at the station, the code is only valid for 5 minutes!
  • Enter the 5-digit code at the bike rack, wait for the green light, and pick up your bike


  • Park your bike at one of the bike stations
  • Wait for the green light to turn on
  • Make sure the bike is locked on the bike rack


How many bikes can I rent with one card?

For one trip, using one bank card or using one application, you can take no more than four bicycles.

What is the rental cost?

In Northern Cyprus, prices change frequently. Therefore, to clarify the current cost, it's better to go to the website Velespeed company. КIn addition to Turkish, the site supports English and Russian languages.

Where can I find bike stations?

In the application, the station map will be displayed first. To find a map on the website you need to go to this page.

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