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Yacht or Boat Rental in Northern Cyprus

Updated: 2 months ago

Do you want to not only lie on the beach but also conquer the expanses of water? We’ll tell you where to find a yacht to admire the picturesque shores of Cyprus from the water.

Аренда яхты на Северном Кипре


If you just want to spend time on the water, then you should come to Girne harbor. If you just walk along the spit and the embankment, you'll be offered various tours, including in Russian.

There are boats with a small capacity (up to 10 people) and quite large ships, there are a couple of ships stylized as ancient galleons.

On board such ships you'll find loud music, lunch, and a large number of people. If you want a more private environment, then pay attention to small ships.

Small ships have the opportunity to go out to sea for a couple of hours, larger ships offer day tours with an early evening return and sunset tours.

You can order a boat in advance and get acquainted with the approximate prices for day tours with lunch from the company Vela Yachting. Or in person in Girne harbor, the cost under the same conditions, plus or minus, is the same for all captains.


If your goal is to go fishing, then you need to look for boats with full-fledged fishing equipment. They are fundamentally different from pleasure yachts. The capacity of such boats doesn’t exceed 10 people, and the ability to prepare lunch on the ship is often very limited.

Please note that many fishing organizers share the catch in half with the guests. It’s better to discuss this issue in advance.

The safest place to look is also in harbors. Or on the forums, for example, «Fishing in Northern Cyprus». But be careful and beware of scammers, don’t send money, especially to Russian cards. It’s better to first find out from other forum participants whether there is any successful experience of traveling with a particular captain, or offer to meet at the boat, even for an advance.


How much does it cost to take a boat ride in Girne?

If we talk about the usual sea walk from the harbor of the Girne, then the cost begins at 10 euros per person, but it'll be a short walk. Day tours start at 30 euros per person. Also, much depends on the capacity of the boat. In the offseason, you can bargain quite effectively. Also, some put up hourly payment, which can be 100 euros per hour for a boat of up to 8 people with a barbecue on board or from 60-70 euros per hour without additional options.

Where do boats and yachts depart from in Northern Cyprus?

Mostly from Girne harbor. Also from the harbors of Famagusta and Bogaz. Sometimes (mostly luxury yachts) depart from the marina on Karpas. We have placed all locations in the form of maps below.

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Гавань Гирне (Girne harbor)
Гавань Фамагусты (Famagusta harbor)
Гавань Богаза (Bogaz Harbor)
Гавань Карпаса (Karpas Harbor)
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