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Where and how to buy a car in Northern Cyprus?

Updated: 3 weeks ago

Having spent some time on the island, you quickly realize that a car is essential. Since you can't always rely on public transportation and you still want to see the most beautiful and often hidden corners of the island, it's advantageous to have your own car.

And then the question arises: where exactly to buy a good car?

Most buyers start their search through compatriots on Telegram. The advantages include a large car market and ease of communication. However, there are also downsides: often buying a car from an owner results in a lack of guarantees, unreasonably high prices, and worn-out cars. For new island residents, there is also the question of documents: registration, insurance, duties, etc. An experienced immigrant may quickly deal with all the hassle, but a newcomer to Northern Cyprus will definitely have to spend time and effort, especially considering that all administrative institutions communicate in Turkish.

Another option is to seek help in choosing and purchasing a car from an official car dealership. Most of them already have Russian-speaking specialists, so you don't need to worry about communication. The main advantage of a car dealership is guarantees and legal support. For example, in one of the largest car dealerships in Northern Cyprus, Barış Automotive, there is a 6-month warranty for engine and gearbox breakdowns. The dealership also takes care of all the necessary paperwork and assists you in obtaining insurance.

Despite the wide selection of cars from private sellers, this market cannot be compared to the fleet of official dealerships. Especially with the option of ordering a car. Barış Automotive is known on the island as an official car dealer with 19 years of experience, delivering cars from Japan and the UK under special orders.

An important advantage is the possibility of installment payments and credit for the purchase.

By choosing a car from a dealership, you ensure reliable guarantees, and by choosing Barış Automotive, you simplify the purchasing process and make it transparent.

Barış Automotive - the best prices in the Northern Cyprus market, full customer service, and a simplified car purchasing process.

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