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Where to buy electric scooters in Northern Cyprus?

Updated: 3 months ago

If you need to move relatively quickly and not too far, an electric scooter seems like an excellent idea. We will tell you where to buy such equipment in Northern Cyprus.

Actually, this is not the most popular product on the island, and you won't find any specialized stores selling electric scooters. That's why people often ask on forums how to bring a scooter with them to the island. However, they are sold in some technology stores, and we will share the addresses and contacts with you.

Купить электросамокат на Северном Кипре

Points of Sale for Electric Scooters in Northern Cyprus

  1. Sharaf Technology Stores. They have various models of popular electric scooters in stock.
  1. Irismo Store. They have a slightly smaller selection compared to the previous points, but they also have scooters in stock.
  1. Hero Cyprus. They supply several models of Hero electric scooters. The sales office is in Kyrenia, but orders are accepted through the contacts on their website.
  1. Facebook Marketplace. Mostly offers from the southern part of Cyprus, but if you filter by location and browse, you can find offers for the northern part of the island as well.
  1. Look for ads in the Telegram chat "Baraholka Severny Kipr" (Flea Market Northern Cyprus) or simply ask if anyone is selling.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I bring an electric scooter from the southern part of Cyprus?

Yes, you can. If you cannot cross the border, you can arrange with someone on a forum who provides such services. Another option is to reserve it in an online store and pay in advance, and then someone with access to the southern part can bring it to you.

Can I bring an electric scooter from Turkey to Northern Cyprus?

Yes, but you need to check with the airline about the rules for carrying batteries. They won't accept it in the baggage, and depending on the capacity, they may not allow it in the cabin either. A viable option is to bring the scooter on a ferry.

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