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Where to repair a car in Northern Cyprus?

Updated: 3 months ago

To maintain your car in working condition or to fix a malfunction, you will need an auto service. We are publishing contacts and locations of car repair shops in various cities in Northern Cyprus.

Auto Repair Shops in Northern Cyprus

автосервисы северный кипр

Auto Repair Shops in Nicosia

Smooth Car Service

Han Otomotiv

Baloğlu Otomotiv

Karaoglan Oto Servis

Bağışlayan Oto Servis

Dağdelen Oto Elektrik

Hamza Cypruscar

Auto Repair Shops in Girne

Baştaş Kardeşler Oto Servis

Şenbaş Oto Servis

Istanbul Oto (BMW and MINI)

Eerdener Otomotiv

Rover Garage

Yemenici Garage

Gökay Garage

Cyprus Auto Body Repair

Karmi Car Clinic

Auto Garages in Famagusta

Karakoyun Garage

Akdeniz Auto Body Repair

Öz-Duy Auto Body Repair

Ümit Garage

Kiriş Ölmez Auto Maintenance Service

Ermuson Automotive

Kesken Auto Electric

Gülseren Auto Electric

Bebek Auto Upholstery

Yağızer Auto Electric

Carline Automotive

Hayri Usta

Aziz Garage

Baris Auto Service

Hamit Garage

Auto Garages in Iskele

Kem Garage

Cetin Auto Electric

Sergey Garage

Ismail Kara Auto Electric


Euro Auto Service

Ak Garage

Auto Garages in Alsancak

Dogrucam Garage

Kardeşler Garage

King Dick Production

Car Workshops in Lapta

Alp Oto Elektri̇k & Elektroni̇k

Yasam Garaj

Selim Garage

Car Workshops in Catalkoy

Legion Avto CarFarm

Car Workshops in Guzelyurt

Berkan Makinist Garaj

Birand Oto Eletrik

Tekeli Oto Elektrik

M. Momin Oto Elektrik

Armağan Oto Elektrik

Car Workshops in Lefke

Şarp Oto

Salih Demirman Garaj

Car Workshops in Karpaz

Alkan Garaj

Karpaz Oto Elektrık

MTM Garage

Frequently Asked Questions about Cars in Northern Cyprus

Where to buy a used car in Northern Cyprus?

There are several platforms for searching for used cars in Northern Cyprus, which we have described in this article.

How often do you need to go for a vehicle inspection?

A vehicle inspection in Northern Cyprus must be done every three years. If you fail to pass the inspection on time, you will have to pay a fine. Every year, a list of license plate series that are subject to inspection in the current year is published. You can familiarize yourself with it in the pinned message of the AutoChat of the largest Russian-speaking forum in Northern Cyprus or download the file here.

Where can you wash your car in Northern Cyprus?

You can wash your car in Northern Cyprus at car washes, which are practically available at every gas station. There are also standalone car washes on the island, both automatic and manual.

In the Automotive Chat of Northern Cyprus on the Telegram channel, you can ask additional questions to thousands of car owners in this part of the island and get answers based on their personal experience.

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