Cyprus, Nicosia

Replacement of driving licenses under simplified procedure

Updated: 3 days ago

From November 2, 2022, the TRNC government has adopted an amendment to the law that allows the exchange of third-country driving licenses for local ones under a simplified system. Now, citizens of Belarus, Kazakhstan, or Uzbekistan no longer need to completely retrain in driving schools in the TRNC and take exams to confirm their driving skills. It is sufficient to complete practical training in a driving school for just 5 days (as per the law, although in practice it is done in one day), and then apply to the police for a license replacement. The amendment to the law is valid for only 180 days, so we recommend you act promptly.

After May 2, 2023, citizens of all third countries will be required to undergo training and confirm their driving licenses. There will no longer be an automatic exchange of licenses for citizens of Russia and Ukraine.

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