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Obtaining a prior permit to work in northern cyprus

Updated: 4 months ago

The employer is responsible for issuing the preliminary work permit. By the time you submit your application, you must be legally on the island (on a tourist visa-free entry or with a residence permit).

When you receive permission, you must enter the country again. Usually, while waiting for the document, they go to Turkey (the nearest and most budgetary direction), and the period of stay outside the TRNC should be two weeks.

After obtaining prior permission, you can enter Northern Cyprus. It is advisable to print the document, however, the border guard should already have the relevant information in the database.

There are exceptions to the rules. For example, citizens of Ukraine, residents of earthquake-affected areas of Turkey, and domestic workers can leave and enter through the land border with South Cyprus in one day.

After these procedures, you can start the process of obtaining a work visa.

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