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How do I pay my bills online in Cyprus?

Updated: 2 months ago

Many payments in Cyprus can be made online on a special website

To make a payment, pre-registration on the website and a working card are required - that is, a Visa or Mastercard.

What can be paid online in Cyprus:

онлайн оплата Кипр

Utility bills

Payment is made both for municipal bills (the list can be found here), as well as separately for water and sewerage directly to service providers.


Universities, colleges, private schools, academies of arts - the full list on this page.

Trade union fees

From psychotherapist associations to scouting organizations, the list is here.


All insurance companies operating in Cyprus are listed on this page.

Telephone and TV providers

The list of communication operators can be found here, and separately there are domain registrars.

Charitable funds and humanitarian organizations

Contributions to charitable organizations are accepted on this page, and donations to humanitarian funds can be made here.

Hunting and Fishing Licenses

On this page you can pay for a fishing license, and on this one — for a hunting license. By the way, we have a separate text about hunting in Cyprus.

Sports Sections

A football academy or tennis club accept payments on this page.

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