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Villages of craftsmen in the Troodos Mountains

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The Troodos Mountains are remarkable and beautiful in themselves. But once you ascend the mountain range, you will encounter many interesting locations, and we will now tell you about them.

Despite globalization and mass tourism in Cyprus, traditional villages are still preserved in the Troodos mountain range. It seems like time has stopped there, and local craftsmen, just like a hundred years ago, continue to create things by hand.

The most famous craftsmen villages in Troodos:

  1. Mutullas
  2. Finik
  3. Pedulas
  4. Omodos
  5. Platres
  6. Agros
  7. Silikou

These villages are all unique in their own way, each having its own charm.

  • In the village of Mutullas, they bottle mineral water that springs from the ground.
  • In the village of Finik, they produce the finest ceramic pots.
  • In the village of Pedulas, they grow the best cherries on the island and make products from them.
  • In the village of Omodos, they create amazing glass products, as well as hand embroidery and excellent commandaria wine.
  • The village of Platres is known for its chocolate factory.
  • In the village of Agros, you will find a variety of products made from local roses, such as soap or rose water.
  • The village of Silikou is also known for its commandaria wine, and there is even a museum dedicated to this wine.

Деревня Омодос Кипр

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How to get to the villages?

The easiest way to get there is by car, entering the coordinates of the village into any navigator. You can also take buses, for example, bus No. 40 runs from Limassol to Omodos, and bus No. 81 from Nicosia to Mutullas and Pedulas. However, such a journey will take you half a day in one direction.

  1. Can you stay overnight in the villages?

Yes, each of the villages has several guesthouses, which can be booked through

  1. What else to see in the Troodos Mountains?

It is also interesting to visit the 10 churches in the mountains, all of which are included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

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