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Where is the Bridge of Lovers in Cyprus?

Updated: 2 weeks ago

The Love Bridge - perhaps the most famous natural landmark in Cyprus, along with the Aphrodite's Rock and Cape Greco.

The Love Bridge in Cyprus

The Love Bridge in Ayia Napa is a mesmerizing natural arch located on the southeast coast of Cyprus. Located near the famous Nissi Beach, this stunning landmark is easily accessible and attracts visitors with its romantic flair and picturesque setting.

Carved by nature's forces over millennia, the Bridge of Love forms an elegant arch over the azure waters of the Mediterranean Sea. Its silhouette, beauty, and uniqueness make it a popular spot for couples, photographers, and nature enthusiasts. Perhaps no wedding in Cyprus is complete without a photo shoot at this landmark.

How to get to the Love Bridge in Cyprus

On Foot

To reach the "Love Bridge," you first need to arrive at Ayia Napa. From the town itself, you can even walk – the walk will take no more than an hour if your hotel is not on the opposite side of the town.

By Bus

You can also reach the Love Bridge by public transport – buses from Ayia Napa to Protaras – 101 and 102 pass by the famous landmark. The bus stop is called "Marina," and it's just a few minutes from the arch.

By Car

To drive to the Love Bridge, it's easiest to enter the coordinates of the Love Bridge (34.98265363842017, 34.016416532159845). You can also see the location on the map below the text. There is a car park within walking distance on the coast.

What to see near the Love Bridge in Cyprus

On one side, the Love Bridge is adjacent to the famous Ayia Napa beach – Gliki Nero, which is just 500 meters away. A picturesque rocky path along the sea coast leads to it. The beach has all the necessary amenities: sun loungers, umbrellas, showers, as well as bars, cafes, and restaurants.

On the other side, along the same road, you can drive to Cape Greco – a unique natural reserve considered one of the most important landmarks in Cyprus. There, by the way, there are also arches and a similar bridge, but you cannot climb on it.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Love Bridge in Cyprus

Is there an entrance fee to visit the Bridge of Love?

No, there is no entrance fee to visit the Bridge of Love. It is open for visitors year-round.

Is the Love Bridge suitable for children?

Children can certainly enjoy the beauty of the Love Bridge, but parents should carefully watch them due to the uneven terrain and steep cliffs in this area. Also, remember that there are no barriers here.

Is it possible to swim near the Love Bridge?

Despite the fact that the bottom relief is clearly visible, swimming here is prohibited. The sea in this area is shallow, and there are many sharp rocks on the bottom. It is also dangerous to jump from it into the water, but some tourists are not deterred by this. However, there are several small beaches and coves nearby where you can swim and sunbathe.

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