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How to save on museum tickets in Cyprus?

Updated: 2 months ago

If you plan to frequently visit various attractions in Cyprus, of which there are many on the island, we recommend using this life hack.

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Museum Pass

The Museum Pass is a ticket to visit many museums in Cyprus for a specific period, allowing you to save a lot. With the Museum Pass, you can visit all state museums under the Department of Antiquities of Cyprus, such as the ancient city of Kourion, Kolossi Castle, and others.

Types and Cost of Museum Pass

  • Museum Pass for 1 day: 8.5 euros
  • Museum Pass for 3 days: 17 euros
  • Museum Pass for 7 days: 25 euros

Group Visits

If you are planning to travel with a really large group, of 10 people or more, you can expect a 20% discount. To do this, before visiting a specific museum, you will need to contact the museum in advance by phone.

Frequently Asked Questions about Museum Pass in Cyprus

Where can you purchase the Museum Pass in Cyprus?

The Museum Pass can be purchased at the ticket office of any state museum under the control of the Department of Antiquities.

How many museums can you visit with the Museum Pass?

The program includes 72 museums across the entire territory of the Republic of Cyprus.

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