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Best Beaches of Protaras

Updated: 2 months ago

One of the favorite tourist areas - the coastline along Protaras - is abundant with excellent beaches, many of which have been awarded the prestigious Blue Flag for cleanliness. We have selected the top ten areas for you to relax by the water.

Top 10 Beaches in Protaras

Пляжи Протараса

We will briefly describe each of them and provide links to their locations on the map.

Kapparis Beach

Kapparis, also known as Fireman’s Beach, is highly popular not only among tourists but also among locals. Kapparis has been repeatedly and deservedly awarded the prestigious Blue Flag for high cleanliness and safety standards.

During the summer season, there are lifeguards on the beach, and amenities such as sun loungers, umbrellas, changing cabins, toilets, and fresh water showers are provided.

Malama Beach

This small sandy cove is located north of Protaras and is a cozy and peaceful bay. The beach strip is quite narrow, and sun loungers are set up in just one row.

Located in a secluded rocky cove ensures water cleanliness and absence of waves. The only entertainment during the season might be water sports rentals.

Trinity Beach

Holy Trinity Beach is characterized by its small length - just over 100 meters. However, the water here is always clean and calm thanks to the enclosed bay.

The sand on the beach is fine-grained, and the shallow water is clearly visible, making it an ideal place for family vacations with children. Sun loungers can be rented, and local cafe dishes can be tasted.

Vrysoudia Beach

Vrysoudia (not to be confused with the beach of the same name in Paphos) is located in a small cozy bay, which has an almost regular semi-oval shape. Clean sand, transparent water, absence of high waves, and a gradual entrance into the water make it ideal for families with children.

The infrastructure at Vrysoudia Beach is limited, but tourists still have access to sunbed and umbrella rentals. Nearby, there is a bar-restaurant and a tavern.

Luma Beach

The beach, also known as Kalamis or Golden Coast, is located in an extensive bay protected by breakwaters and a cape. Luma Beach can be roughly divided into three parts: northern, central, and southern.

In the shade of trees in the central part, there is a fenced children's playground, making this section of the beach somewhat noisy and not suitable for those seeking peace and solitude. However, the northern and southern parts of the beach are perfect for a peaceful rest.

Sunrise Beach

Sunrise, also known as Vrysiana, is the longest beach in the northern part of Protaras. Abundant vegetation grows near the coast, providing shade from the sun.

A children's playground is provided for young visitors to the beach, and experienced lifeguards are on duty during the high season. Sunbeds and umbrellas are available for rent on the beach, and you can also use the free shower with fresh water and convenient changing cabins.

Fig Tree Bay Beach

Fig Tree Bay Beach is one of the most famous in Cyprus. It is located in the central part of Protaras, forming a cozy bay in the shape of a regular semicircle, adorned with a small island in the middle. A row of fig trees stretches along the perimeter of the beach, giving it its name.

The sand on this beach is ideal, and the infrastructure is of a very high standard: showers, toilets, convenient changing cabins, and wooden walkways for a comfortable entry into the water.

Vyzakia Beach

Vyzakia is a cozy retreat located in a picturesque bay, protected on the south side by a breakwater and an artificial rocky embankment. Several hotels, taverns, bars, and a diving center are nearby.

Vyzakia Beach is equipped with sunbeds and umbrellas, experienced lifeguards are on duty during the season, and the golden sand and gradual entry into the water make it an attractive place for families with children.

Lombardi Beach

Lombardi Beach, also known as Nissia Lombardi, is located in a cozy bay between natural cliffs and an artificial breakwater. The golden sand makes Lombardi Beach particularly attractive and invites you to immerse yourself in the turquoise waters with a light and gradual entry.

Lombardi has been repeatedly awarded the prestigious "Blue Flag" for high levels of safety, cleanliness, and quality of service. You can enjoy water sports, rent necessary equipment, and even try diving at a special center.

Konnos Bay Beach

Konnos Bay is located in a picturesque bay in the southern part of Protaras. The sand here is fine and pleasant to the touch, with volcanic elements giving it an unusual shade.

At Konnos, you will find everything you need for a comfortable stay: umbrellas and sunbeds, changing cabins, various water activities, and even scooter rentals.

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