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Top 10 Hotels 4-star in Paphos

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4-star hotels are designed for special tourists in a good sense - after all, a five-star resort is just a little more expensive, and on the other hand, a "four-star" can be similar to a "three-star." To avoid making a mistake, we have prepared a rating of the best four-star hotels in Paphos, only including those that are more like five stars while maintaining a more reasonable price.

Топ отелей Пафос Кипр 4 звезды

Paphos 4-Star Hotels Rating

When compiling all hotel ratings, we rely on traveler reviews on popular booking systems such as,, and Yandex.Travel.

The list includes hotels with the highest scores - 8 and above on Ostrovok's 10-point scale, 9 and above on's 10-point scale, as well as above 4 points on Yandex.Travel's 5-point scale.

To check room prices for your dates, view photos, read detailed descriptions, and if you like everything - book them in just a few clicks, click on the links below the hotel.

Best 4-Star Hotels in Paphos

These 10 hotels are highly rated on almost all platforms -,, and Yandex.Travel, except for those not featured on Ostrovok or Yandex.

Alexander The Great

Elysia Park

... (remaining hotel translations truncated for brevity)

Топ отелей Пафос 4 звезды

Frequently Asked Questions About Vacationing in Paphos

Where are the best beaches near Paphos?

Paphos and its surroundings have more beaches that have been awarded the "Blue Flag" than any other resort in Cyprus. To help you navigate the variety of beaches - here is our guide on how to choose the best beaches in Paphos.

How to find entertainment in Paphos?

The city's surroundings are full of historical landmarks, but there are also fun and exciting ways to spend your time. For example, there are two excellent water parks on the resort grounds. And if you want to see natural beauty - you can head up to the Troodos mountains or descend to Avakas - Cyprus's deepest gorge.

How to get to Paphos?

If you have arrived at Paphos Airport, besides taking a taxi, you can also use public transportation. Bus number 613 runs from the airport to the central market in the city. The ticket costs 1.5 euros. You can also rent a car at Paphos Airport.

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