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How to pay for water in Cyprus?

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The most important resource, and by the way, very scarce in Cyprus, can be paid for in several ways.

Как оплатить воду на Кипре

Water payment in Cyprus

Water bills are issued quarterly. Payment can be made in several ways.

At the water supply company office

You need to look for offices of the Water Development Department (Τμημα Αναπτυξεως Υδατων), they are located in Nicosia, Limassol, Paphos, Larnaca, and Paralimni. Payment at the office can be made in cash or by card. Contacts of the Water Development Dept office on the website.

Through ATMs

Some ATMs and terminals may also accept payment, both in cash and by bank card. To do this, you need to select Water Development Dept or Τμημα Αναπτυξεως Υδατων.

Using your bank's app

Depending on the bank, you need to find options for paying utility bills in the app and select Water Development Dept. Each app has different interfaces, so you should explore the features of your bank's app.

Online at

We previously talked about the rich possibilities of this portal. As for water supply specifically, it can be paid for on this page. To make a payment, you need a one-time registration - just enter your email and create a password. Then enter the account number and bank card details.

Cost of water in Cyprus

The basic price is set by the Water Department of Cyprus, but each region may have its own pricing. On average, it's around a euro per cubic meter of water.

However, if you consume more than 40 cubic meters of water per quarter, the tariff will increase by one and a half times, more than 80 cubic meters - by 2.5 times, and more than 120 cubic meters - by 5 times.

Frequently Asked Questions

What other water expenses are there?

In addition to the water consumed, there is also a fixed charge of 16 euros, and an additional 6 euros - a service charge.

How to pay for electricity?

Electricity in the Republic of Cyprus is supplied by the Electricity Authority of Cyprus (EAC). Services from the provider can be paid for in several ways: through EAC service centers, through service, through your bank's app, and through the EAC app. More details were covered in an article on paying for electricity in Cyprus.

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