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Skiing holiday in Cyprus"

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On the sunny island where it seems like almost a whole year - summer, or at least spring, there can also be winter with snow.

However, in our understanding, winter is only similar in the Troodos Mountains, where winter sports enthusiasts can enjoy skiing - both downhill and cross-country. In this article, we talk about skiing and snowboarding holidays in Cyprus.

Горнолыжный отдых Кипр

Ski Season in Cyprus

Snow falls and stays from January to March, and temperatures drop below zero at night, contributing to the establishment of a stable snow cover on the ski trails.

However, the weather can vary depending on the season, and the lifts may start operating only in February. There have been years when the resort opened for only a couple of weeks.

Ski Trails and Lifts in Cyprus

There are a total of 4 kilometers of trails in Cyprus, including 1 km of blue, 2 km of red, and 1 km of black trails.

The resort is divided into two skiing zones - Mount Olympus and Sunny Valley. The longer and more challenging trails are located in the first skiing zone.

Mount Olympus Zone

The Mount Olympus zone consists of two slopes, each with its own lift:

  • Zeus
  • Hera

The first slope is for more experienced skiers and snowboarders with a more pronounced elevation difference, and it is also where the only chairlift at the resort is located.

Sunny Valley Zone

The Sunny Valley Zone also consists of two slopes with their own lifts:

  • Aphrodite
  • Hermes

If you have very little experience, we recommend starting with the Aphrodite slope.

There are a total of 5 lifts at the resort: a children's lift in Sunny Valley, a chairlift on the Zeus trail, the rest are T-bar lifts.

схема горнолыжных трасс кипр

Frequently Asked Questions about Skiing in Cyprus

How can I find out about trail conditions and lift operations?

Since snow in Cyprus is an unstable phenomenon, it is better to find out about trail and lift operations in advance. On the special page of the Cyprus Ski Club, you can view up-to-date information during the season from January to March.

What is the length of the ski trails at the Troodos ski resort?

  • Zeus trail: 500 meters
  • Hera trail: 350 meters
  • Hermes trail: 150 meters
  • Aphrodite trail: 150 meters

Where can I rent skiing equipment?

On the territory of the ski complex, there is the Cyprus Ski Club where you can rent skiing and snowboarding equipment.

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Горнолыжный отдых Кипр

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