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Places in Cyprus with a New Year's program

Updated: 2 months ago

If you are vacationing in Cyprus and want to celebrate New Year on the island of Aphrodite, you can head to one of the establishments in your city. Or simply go to the city center - you won't be disappointed!

Места Кипра с новогодней программой

New Year in Cyprus


Many hotels organize New Year's gala dinners with live music, show programs, and other attributes. We recently published a separate article about such hotels, so follow the link, we won't repeat it here.


Many restaurants in Cyprus, especially in major cities, will not miss the opportunity to work on New Year's Eve. However, this mainly applies to large restaurants, small home taverns are unlikely to be open. The recipe is simple - call or write to the place you like and clarify, and at the same time book a table for yourself - surely not only you will want to celebrate New Year in this place.

City Squares

In the center of major towns, it is customary to celebrate the New Year directly on the street, in the main squares. In this case, you will enjoy a show program of local artists and sometimes even free wine or mulled wine. A great option with the only drawback - it is unlikely that you will find somewhere to sit, but unforgettable emotions are guaranteed to you!

The locations where the main events take place on New Year's Eve are the same as the venues for Christmas celebrations, as we wrote in our article about Christmas markets in Cyprus.

Frequently Asked Questions about New Year in Cyprus

Until what date do Christmas markets operate?

Markets in the so-called Christmas villages operate until January 14, so you have enough time to visit all of them - there are 7 villages. There are also city markets in Limassol, Larnaca, Ayia Napa, Paphos, and other cities, which close from January 7 to 14.

How do shops operate during the holidays?

Mainly on the eve of holidays - shortened hours, and on the holiday itself - a day off. In shopping centers, everything is a bit different, more details - in our article about how shops operate in Cyprus during the holidays.

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