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Beaches of Ayia Napa

Updated: 2 months ago

The most popular resort in the eastern part of Cyprus can offer its guests not only a vibrant nightlife but also a rich coastline with beautiful beaches. Locations can be found through the links in the names.

Nissi Beach

The most famous beach, known for its turquoise water and white sand. It has all the necessary infrastructure, bars, and water activities. Another highlight is the sandbar connecting the beach to a small island.

Makronissos Beach

Also known for its azure water and white sand, but with fewer noisy activities and a focus on family relaxation. It holds the "Blue Flag" award, given to beaches for water cleanliness and safety.

Ayia Thekla Beach

Distinguished by its sandy color - not white like most beaches in the area, but creamy. Nearby is a small beach called Poseidon with an arch for photoshoots, although it is actually part of Ayia Thekla.

Glyki Nero Beach

Like Makronissos, it holds the "Blue Flag" award. Very shallow and quick to warm up, making it popular with families with young children.

Pantachou Beach

Popular due to its proximity to the city, so it's better to arrive early to secure good spots. It also has the "Blue Flag" award.

Pernera Beach

Very small, but conveniently located in a bay and very beautiful thanks to the curved coastline and palm grove. Wi-Fi connection is available.

Landa Beach

Also known as the Golden Beach due to the color of the sand. Quite popular, with a smooth and gradual entry into the sea. There is free Wi-Fi for a limited time.

Mikri Landa Beach

Adjacent to the previous one, in a beautiful bay, lies its "younger brother". One of the few wild beaches without infrastructure.

Sandy Bay / Vathia Gonia Beach

A popular beach near the city known for its rich infrastructure, gentle entry into the sea, presence of wireless internet, and the "Blue Flag" award. Its feature is a diving club.

Katsarka Beach

A small beach, one of the few sandy-pebbled in this region. Therefore, it is not recommended for children.

Sirens Beach

Not particularly popular but very clean and beautiful. The low number of people is due in part to the presence of stones in the water, but if you enjoy secluded places, this is the place for you.

Lukus tу Mandi Beach

The urban beach of Ayia Napa, without special infrastructure and with not the best coverage, is not suitable for swimming.

Kermia-Limnara Beach

The proximity to the "Cape Greco" national park already says a lot, as well as the presence of the "Blue Flag" award. There are no noisy entertainments, but all the infrastructure, including internet, is available.

Lachi Beach

Clean water and a gentle entrance. Due to the water transparency and rocks in the water, snorkeling will be interesting.

Liopetri Beach

Located next to a fishing village, accordingly, it has a bonus in the form of a restaurant with fresh catch. There is practically no infrastructure.

Amos tou Kampouri Beach

Not the best for swimming due to the rocks, this beach is very beautiful, with even a zone for photo sessions set up on the shore. And the "Blue Flag" award says a lot.

Dom Beach

Also known as Western Makronissos. The light sand and gentle entrance make the beach popular among families with children. There is a hotel of the same name nearby, but its guests relax in a specially designated area.

Ziatchi Beach

Perfect for those who love seclusion, as it belongs to the category of wild beaches and does not have any infrastructure at all: from mats to drinking water, everything needs to be brought along.

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