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Parking at Paphos Airport

Updated: 2 weeks ago
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If you temporarily leave Cyprus via Paphos Airport, you can use the airport parking.

Depending on the duration of your absence, this may be more economical than ordering a taxi. Not to mention, it's just more convenient. Here are some ways to park your car at Cyprus' second most important airport. By the way, budget airlines from Europe mainly land here.

Парковка в аэропорту Пафоса

Short-term parking at Paphos Airport

The entry and exit areas are located opposite the terminal building entrances and are free for 1-minute stops. In fact, you can of course stay a little longer, but still within the scope of passenger entry and exit procedures, as well as luggage loading and unloading.

It is also possible to park the car for a longer period to accompany or meet a passenger at the airport. There is one covered parking and three open parking lots. Pre-booking is not required, but possible. All parking lots are within a maximum of 4 minutes' walk from the terminal.

Long-term parking at Paphos Airport

For long-term parking at Paphos Airport, a parking space must be reserved in advance and one of the four parking lots selected. Reservations can be made on the website

Парковка в аэропорту Пафоса бронирование

Parking options at Paphos Airport:

  • Covered parking P2 (1-2 minutes to the terminal)
  • Open parking P3 (3-4 minutes to the terminal)
  • Open parking P5 (3-4 minutes to the terminal)
  • Premium open parking P1 (1-2 minutes to the terminal)

Parking fees at Paphos Airport

  • Day fee depending on the selected parking lot in summer 2024 ranges from 8 to 12 euros per hour, the more days, the cheaper each of them will be.
  • Per week
  • Per month
  • Per hour, if you book in advance on the website, you will be charged as much as per day.

Frequently Asked Questions about Parking at Paphos Airport

What is the minimum time required for advance parking reservation?

The minimum time required for advance parking reservation is one hour.

Can I rent a car at Paphos Airport?

You can rent a car at Paphos Airport immediately upon arrival, especially if you plan to travel to other cities and around the island in general. Representatives of leading global car rental companies, as well as major local players, have offices at the airport. Additionally, in some aggregators like Localrent, you can order car delivery directly to the airport. This process has been detailed in our article on car rental at Paphos Airport.

What are the parking options for disabled individuals?

If you are a traveler with limited mobility, there are clearly marked parking spaces in the exit and entry areas where you can park for 5 minutes free of charge.

If you have a blue parking card, you can park for free in 18 designated zones for up to 120 minutes, provided the blue parking card is on your car's dashboard.

What happens if I leave the car parked longer than the designated time?

Due to strict international security regulations, the airport administration does not allow parking or leaving vehicles unattended in the exit and entry areas under any circumstances. There are warning signs on the roads informing about towing fines that will be applied if you leave your car unattended in these areas.

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