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Where to see flamingos in Cyprus?

Updated: 2 months ago

Famous thanks to the Russian music scene of the 90s, the pink flamingo is just one of the species inhabiting the Earth, and it is this species that comes to Cyprus to spend the winter on the salt lakes in its eastern part.

This bird is a protected species, and the places where they can be seen are under state protection. Here are the lakes where pink flamingos come to winter, you can follow the links in the names to see them on a map.

Larnaca Salt Lake

The most popular birdwatching spot due to its location very close to a major resort.

Paralimni Lake

Also located near a popular tourist town and is a favorite spot for flamingo photography.

Oroklini Lake

Located not far from Larnaca, but at the same time not too close to the city, where you can observe the birds in comfortable conditions.

Limassol Salt Lake

The lake stretches between the village of Akrotiri and the second largest city in Cyprus after the capital - Limassol. Accordingly, the place is very popular. Moreover, there is the Akrotiri Environmental Education Centre where you can learn about flamingos and more.

If you have the desire and opportunity, you can visit Northern Cyprus.

Gülsere Lake

A salt lake right next to Famagusta, within the city limits. In winter, there are high chances to see pink flamingos here.

Kukla Wetlands

Not the most famous place, but this reservoir has a whole center for birdwatching, including flamingos.

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