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Shipwrecks off the coast of Cyprus

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Off the coast of Cyprus, given its rich history, numerous ships from different historical periods have sailed past. Some sunken ships can still be seen today, and we will tell you about them. Locations are marked on the maps below.

Sunken Ships near Cyprus

затонувшие корабли кипр

Ship "Edro III"

In 2011, the ship "Edro III" ran aground just 200 meters off the coast of Paphos due to strong winds that pushed it onto the rocks of Peyia. This ship under the flag of Sierra Leone was headed to Rhodes. The crew was successfully evacuated, and to prevent sea pollution and ecological damage, fuel and other potentially hazardous items were immediately removed. Since then, only the rusty hull of the ship can be seen on the shore.

Ship "Nemesis III"

In 2013, the ship "Nemesis III" was sunk in the marine protected area of Protaras to create an artificial reef. This old fishing vessel, built in France in 1956, has become a popular diving spot. Divers have the opportunity to explore its cabins.

Ship "Zenobia"

Sunken in 1980, the ship "Zenobia" is often listed as one of the best diving sites in the world. This popular location is approximately 1500 meters off the coast of Larnaca and rests at a depth of 42 meters. The ship is often referred to as the "Titanic of the Mediterranean" due to its popularity among divers.

Vessel "Three Star"

Another popular diving site is located near the Akrotiri Peninsula. The ship "Three Star" sunk in 1972 due to a fire on board and now lies at a depth of only 7 meters. This site is notable for being suitable for divers of all skill levels.

Mazotos Trading Ship

At a depth of 45 meters in the marine area opposite Mazotos (Larnaca region), remains of a late-classical Greek trading ship have been discovered. This find holds significant historical value, as amphorae from Chios were found on board, allowing scholars to draw conclusions about trade routes in the Eastern Mediterranean of that time.

локация Мазотосского корабля

Frequently Asked Questions about Diving Sites in Cyprus

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Расположение Edro III на карте (Location of Edro III on the map)
Расположение Nemesis III на карте (Location of Nemesis III on the map)
Расположение Zenobia на карте (Zenobia location on the map)
Расположение Three Star на карте (Three Star location on the map)
Примерное расположение Мазотосского корабля на карте (Approximate location of the Mazotos ship on the map)
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