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An 18-year-old British tourist complained of being raped by her compatriot in Ayia Napa

08.07.2024 / 19:25

The police of the Republic of Cyprus are checking information about the rape of an 18-year-old British tourist in Ayia Napa. The victim told the British publication The Sun about the abuse by a compatriot.

According to the police press service, the 18-year-old British tourist told the publication that she met her abuser in a nightclub. The police confirmed to AlphaNews the existence of the complaint, noting that the investigation is ongoing.

In particular, the police are studying the video surveillance system to determine the timing of the incident.

According to the victim, it all happened back on July 3. On that day, she was visiting various bars in Ayia Napa with friends. In one of them, a British tourist approached her. After partying in the bar, they went to the hotel.

The suspect claims that the 18-year-old girl fell asleep with her clothes on in her room. However, the victim claims that at around 05:30 am, she woke up and realized that neither she nor her companion were wearing clothes. Then, she said, the man helped her get dressed and carried her back to her room.

In her statement, the girl claimed that she “felt like someone was raping her” while she was drunk and unable to resist.

The suspect, for his part, denies the charges and appears to be cooperating with authorities. According to the publication, the man was detained for five days. The investigation into the incident is ongoing.

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