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Nearly 86% of Cypriots believe they can control the amount of alcohol they consume

21.06.2024 / 19:09

Results of a survey on alcohol consumption have been released in Cyprus. Nearly half of the respondents (48%) reported drinking alcohol regularly - daily, every other day, or once a week. Almost 19% of Cypriots admitted to trying alcohol for the first time before the age of 12.

The findings from the study titled “My Name is Alcohol” were presented during an information session organized by the Liver Patients Association and Friends of Cyprus “Prometheus,” in collaboration with the Organization of Friends and Relatives of Dependent Persons. With support from the European Liver Patients' Association. The survey was conducted among people aged 18-40.

According to the survey data, nearly 80% stated that they use alcohol to self-medicate for anxiety and depression. 86% claimed they can control the amount of alcohol they consume.

26.09% said they first tried alcohol at ages 17-18. 35.57% - at ages 15-16, 24.51% - at ages 13-14. 18.83% had their first drink before the age of 12.

Most survey participants (69.5%) also reported never being asked to show ID when purchasing alcohol, while only 30.51% said they were asked to show their passport. Additionally, 76.6% of respondents are aware of relevant legislation.

Regarding reasons for alcohol consumption, the majority cited social reasons. 79.71% of survey participants most often drink in social settings, 16% drink at home, and only 2.14% stated they do not consume alcohol at all.

“About 86% of people say they feel capable to a significant extent or completely control the amount of alcohol they consume. This implies confidence in their ability to control alcohol consumption, which does not necessarily mean that it is actually the case,” explained the study authors.

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