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Bloggers filmed an adult movie in the ancient city of Kourion

09.07.2024 / 14:44

Two bloggers, well known in narrow circles, filmed a pornographic video in the ancient city of Kourion in Cyprus. The couple had sex with a magnificent view of the sea Episkopi, filmed the sex act on video and posted the video on one of the popular porn resources.

According to local media, the authors of the XXX movie were Polish model and blogger Chihuahua and Ukrainian blogger Bad_Volodia. It is not known how the young people managed to discreetly coitus in the middle of the day in a popular tourist spot, which, moreover, is under guard.

In addition to very explicit scenes, the 10-minute video contains several picturesque panoramic views from the top of the ancient city.

According to Sigmalive, despite the fact that the video can be perceived as an advertisement for a tourist attraction, the authors of such content may face criminal liability. According to the Cyprus Penal Code, having sex in a public place is illegal,
Indecent act in a public place is punishable by a heavy fine or imprisonment for a maximum of two years, or both.

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