Cyprus, Nicosia

Three more boats with migrants have arrived in Cyprus

03.04.2024 / 12:23

Over the past day, three more boats with illegal migrants have arrived in the Republic of Cyprus. Authorities are alarmed: since the beginning of the year, 2448 illegal migrants have arrived in the country.

According to the police press service, two boats with illegal immigrants were spotted off the coast of Cyprus on Tuesday evening. Three coastguard and marine police officers, as well as a police helicopter, were dispatched to the area where the boats were sighted.

Under the coordination of the Search and Rescue Coordination Center (SARCC), an operation was conducted to transport immigrants to the port of Larnaca.

In total, there were 263 people on the arriving boats. The first boat carried 27 illegal immigrants (16 men, 5 women, and 6 minors, one of whom was unaccompanied), while the second boat had 236 illegal immigrants on board.

Radars detected a third boat, but no illegal immigrants were found on board.

All the arriving illegal migrants were safely transported to the port of Larnaca. After data registration, they were directed to the Pournara Immigrant Reception Center in Kokkinotrimithia.

Police detained a minor who allegedly was the helmsman of one of the boats.

It is worth noting that since Sunday, March 31st, a total of 13 boats carrying 739 illegal migrants have arrived at the shores of Cyprus. Police have arrested a total of 10 individuals who were allegedly boat captains.

Due to the sharply increased influx of illegal migrants, the National Security Council of the Republic of Cyprus convened for an emergency meeting yesterday.