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Retreat Center in Zygi and Two Villages Near Limassol Nearly Destroyed by Fires

21.06.2024 / 19:10

Cyprus experienced two significant fires last night and today, with a retreat center in Zygi severely damaged and firefighting aircraft deployed to control flames between two villages near Limassol.

According to local media, the first fire was reported to emergency services shortly after midnight. The blaze at the retreat center in Zygi damaged old cars in the courtyard. Firefighters quickly arrived at the scene and managed to contain the fire.

The causes of the incident are being investigated by the police, fire service, and electromechanical service.

The second fire occurred on Friday afternoon between the villages of Alassa and Monagri near Limassol. Five aircraft and seven fire crews were deployed to extinguish the blaze.

Fire service spokesperson Andreas Kettis stated that the fire was sparked by garbage on the roadside. It was brought under control by midday.

Notably, recent inspections in Cyprus uncovered around 1,500 unauthorized dumpsites, which frequently cause serious fires.

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