Cyprus, Nicosia

In Cyprus, the increase in gasoline prices since April 1 has been calculated

02.04.2024 / 16:44

Gasoline prices in Cyprus have increased on average by 8.3 cents per liter after the government measure to subsidize fuel tax was canceled on April 1. The fluctuation in fuel prices at gas stations depends on the area.

According to data from the Cyprus Consumers Association, on April 1, the highest increase in the average gasoline price was recorded in Limassol - 9.2 cents, followed by Nicosia - 9.1 cents, and the Famagusta region - 8.7 cents.

In Larnaca, the increase in the average gasoline price was 8.3 cents, and in Paphos - 8 cents.

In Nicosia, prices ranged from 1.37 to 1.55 euros per liter.

Diesel fuel prices in Limassol and Nicosia increased by 8.4 cents, and in Larnaca - by 8.5 cents.

In Famagusta, the price of diesel fuel increased by 7.3 cents, and in Paphos - by 7.6 cents.

The largest price difference for diesel fuel was noted in Limassol, where prices ranged from 1.51 to 1.63 euros per liter.