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Cyprus Reduces Traffic Violation Fines

21.06.2024 / 19:11

The House of Representatives in Cyprus has passed a bill reducing fines for certain traffic violations, including running red lights.

Lawmakers argued that the changes were necessary because some fines were too high for the average driver.

Notably, the fine for stopping on a pedestrian crossing is now €85, down from €300. However, if a driver goes beyond the "zebra" lines, the fine remains €300.

One of the bill's authors remarked, "In some cases, the fines for running a red light were excessively high."

Before the vote, Akel MP Valentinos Fakontis criticized the traffic light system in the House of Representatives, describing it as more punitive than preventive. He pointed out that drivers earning €900 a month cannot afford to pay such high fines.

Independent MP Andreas Themistokleous provided statistics indicating that since the introduction of traffic cameras, the number of fatalities from car collisions has increased by 41%.

Meanwhile, the government has also proposed amendments to the legislation regulating traffic violation fines and the use of cameras in urban areas. These amendments aim to keep out-of-court fines for traffic violations largely unchanged while giving offenders more time to pay them.

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