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Court Remands Real Estate Agent from TRNC in Custody

09.07.2024 / 12:51

Details have emerged regarding the arrest of a woman who worked as a real estate agent in northern Cyprus. The 39-year-old German national appeared before the court. TRNC authorities are awaiting an official response from the UN.

According to reports from Turkish and Greek media, the detained woman is identified as Eva Kuntzel. Several days ago, she was apprehended at Larnaca Airport as part of an investigation into the sale of Greek-owned property in TRNC. Authorities suspect the 49-year-old of promoting and facilitating the sale of properties in northern Cyprus on land belonging to Greek Cypriots.

She faces charges that include conspiracy, unlawful possession of another person's property, and fraudulent trading of property belonging to others.

Police arrested her while she was attempting to leave the island. Her arrest warrant was issued following a complaint filed on June 27 regarding specific property ownership issues.

It is reported that foreign documents related to properties owned by Greek Cypriots in northern Cyprus were allegedly found in her suitcase during the arrest.

During the court hearing, the police requested an 8-day detention period for further investigation, but the court decided to reduce it to 4 days.

Notably, this woman is the second real estate agent to be arrested under similar charges. Previously, an arrest warrant had been issued for another German citizen residing in TRNC.

TRNC authorities are concerned about the detention of foreigners who own property in northern Cyprus and await official comments from the UN on this matter. Turkish Cypriots are particularly concerned by recent statements from Nikos Christodoulidis, head of the Greek Cypriot administration, who claims to possess a list of disputed property owners and calls for the arrest of those crossing into the Republic of Cyprus.

Earlier reports highlighted Turkish Cypriot leader Ersin Tatar's focus on the detention of foreigners involved in property transactions in TRNC during discussions with Maria Angela Holguín Cuéllar, the personal representative of the UN Secretary-General in Cyprus. Also, Colin Stewart, head of the UN Peacekeeping Mission in Cyprus. The President of Northern Cyprus labeled this situation “unacceptable” and insisted it has “no place in the legal framework.”

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