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In Cyprus, security measures will be intensified at construction sites

24.05.2024 / 22:04

The Department of Labour Inspection of the Republic of Cyprus plans to intensify safety compliance checks in the construction sector. Raids will be conducted in July, August, and September.

According to the agency's statement, there has been a rise in accidents at construction sites in recent years. The construction sector witnesses the highest number of accidents with the most severe consequences.

As per the latest data, since 2021, 30 people have died at work, and over four thousand workers have been injured on the job.

42% of accidents occur in the construction sector, followed by accidents involving machinery, accounting for 22.6%.

The Ministry of Labour has stated that the new on-site checks will address not only evident safety violations but also aim to identify the specific causes of accidents.

"The objective of the campaign is to enhance awareness among all those involved in construction projects and implement preventive and protective measures to reduce accidents, professional issues, and hazardous incidents associated with activities in this sector," the agency's statement said.

The campaign also aims to verify compliance with safety requirements by project operators, engineers, managers, contractors, and subcontractors.

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