Cyprus, Nicosia

The air temperature will rise to 33°C: Cyprus weather on April 2nd

02.04.2024 / 10:17

According to the Republic of Cyprus Meteorology Department, on Tuesday, April 2nd, the region is affected by weak high pressure and relatively warm and dry air. Thin dust remains in the atmosphere.

Today, in the first half of the day, the weather will be mostly clear.

According to the meteorological forecast, during the day, the air temperature will rise to 33°C in the inland areas, up to 29 degrees on the southern and eastern coasts, up to 28 degrees on the rest of the coasts, and up to 24°C in the mountainous regions.

By evening, the weather will be mostly sunny. The air temperature will drop to approximately 15°C in inland areas, the western and eastern coasts, to 14 degrees on the other coasts, and to 12°C in the mountainous regions.

On Wednesday, the temperature will not change significantly, but by Friday, a decrease is expected, with fluctuations above the average climatic values.