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Russian Citizen Robbed in Limassol: He Intended to Buy Cryptocurrency for 51 Thousand Euros

03.04.2024 / 10:42

A Russian citizen was robbed in Limassol while planning to buy cryptocurrency. The man lost over 51 thousand euros.

According to the police press service, the robbery occurred around noon on Tuesday, April 2nd. The 36-year-old Russian intended to purchase cryptocurrency and arranged to meet a stranger in a popular internet messenger to exchange 50,000 euros.

The meeting with the Bitcoin seller was set in Germasogeia. The robbery took place in the victim's car. The suspect sitting in the back seat grabbed the Russian man by the neck, after which two more perpetrators, presumably also Russian citizens, entered the car, took all the money from the victim's wallet, and fled. The criminals' loot amounted to 51,400 euros.

It is known that the robbers arrived at the meeting in a rented car, which they later abandoned in an alley and left by taxi.

The identity of one of the three criminals has already been established. Police officers arrived at his home, but he has not yet come forward. The identities of the other two attackers are still being determined.

The investigation continues. The police do not rule out the possibility that the criminals may have fled to the northern part of the island and hidden in the TRNC.