Cyprus, Nicosia

In Limassol, a Syrian set fire to a house with his compatriots

03.04.2024 / 12:25

Authorities in Limassol are investigating a case of arson at a residential home. Fortunately, the residents woke up in time and caught the arsonist.

According to information provided on the "Alpha Good Morning" program, the incident occurred today around 01:00 in Agios Antonios. A citizen of Syrian origin broke into a house where seven of his compatriots reside and, for unknown reasons, set fire to the premises.

At the time of the fire, the residents of the house were asleep, but due to smoke and a strong smell of burning, they woke up and began extinguishing the fire.

Upon exiting the house, the victims noticed the suspected arsonist and apprehended him after a brief chase.

Police officers who arrived at the scene arrested the 38-year-old man. The investigation into the arson continues.