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Major Forest Fire Erupts in the Paphos Area

11.06.2024 / 19:17

A major fire broke out on Tuesday afternoon to the east of the community of Giolos in the Paphos district of Cyprus. Vacation homes and cottage settlements are under threat, and the police are preparing for a possible evacuation.

According to the fire department, the blaze was detected by a patrolling aircraft from the Department of Forests, which initiated water drops on the burning area. Six fire engines from the city and district of Paphos have arrived at the scene. Additionally, three fire engines from the Department of Forestry are engaged in fighting the fire.

Three landowners (one from the Department of Forestry and two from the district administration) are also on-site to assist.

Upon the arrival of the initial ground forces in the fire area, additional assistance from aerial resources was requested.

The aviation unit of the Department of Forestry was notified, and two Jordanian helicopters along with one National Guard helicopter have been deployed.

Scattered individual cottages are at risk. Civil Defense and police are actively present in the fire area, prepared for potential evacuations.

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