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Day of Ohi in Cyprus

The Greek national holiday is celebrated with great pomp on October 28th in both Cyprus, and there are more compelling reasons for this than the proximity of nations.

день охи кипр

History of the holiday

The "Ohi" Day, or "Anniversary of Ohi," is an important national holiday celebrated in Greece, the Republic of Cyprus, and among the Greek diaspora worldwide. This day is associated with historical events of World War II and the heroic struggle of the Greek army against Italian occupation.

The events that form the basis of the celebration of Ohi Day occurred on October 28, 1940. In response to an ultimatum from the Italian dictator Mussolini, Greek Prime Minister Metaxas refused to surrender and famously declared "Ohi" (meaning "no" in Greek) as a sign of resistance.

Role of Cypriots

Greece started a true nationwide struggle against the occupiers, and this day became a symbol of national unity and heroism. But it wasn't only Greeks who fought—Cyprus also made its contribution by sending 6,000 of its soldiers to the front alongside the British. By the way, during World War II, there were around 30,000 Cypriot soldiers on the front lines, all of whom volunteered to go to the front.

How Ohi is celebrated

Today, Ohi Day is celebrated in Greece and Cyprus as an official holiday. Military and student parades are held on this day, as well as grand fireworks displays. National flags are raised on public buildings, and war films are shown on central television channels.

Frequently Asked Questions about Important Holidays in Cyprus

What other holidays are celebrated in Cyprus?

Not only secular dates are celebrated at the state level in Cyprus, but also some religious holidays. See the full list of state holidays in Cyprus.

When is Cyprus Independence Day?

Cyprus Independence Day is celebrated annually on October 1st. However, this date was chosen artificially for convenience, to hold the main state holiday in more pleasant weather, avoiding the summer heat. Read about how Independence Day is celebrated in Cyprus.

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