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The Medieval Festival in Ayia Napa

Holidays in Cyprus are a great way to break the leisurely pace of the island, and a festival in a medieval setting couldn't better emphasize Cyprus's rich history.

Средневековый фестиваль в Айя-Напе

Festival Dates

The Medieval Festival in Ayia Napa in 2023 will last for a whole week and will take place from October 7th to 14th. The celebration will be held for the 18th time. It is considered to be the longest of its kind on Cyprus and in Europe in general.

Events at the Festival

The festival's activities are inspired by the medieval period. The program will include the following elements:

  • Street theater
  • Theatrical performance of a medieval monastery
  • Concerts
  • Dance shows
  • Performance of the "Street of the Crusaders"
  • Medieval market
  • Exhibition of a collection of antique weapons
  • Workshops

Frequently Asked Questions about the Medieval Festival in Ayia Napa

Is this an international festival?

The show will feature artists dressed in medieval costumes from countries such as Greece, Russia, Italy, Ukraine, Romania, Slovakia, Germany, the Netherlands, France, Spain, Belarus, and of course, Cyprus.

What activities are there for children?

Overall, children should enjoy everything, but workshops where children can make clay pots and weave baskets will be particularly interesting.

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