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How to connect electricity when purchasing property in Cyprus?

Updated: 4 weeks ago
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The procedure of connecting electricity is a necessary step for those who are planning to buy property in Cyprus, both on the primary and secondary market.

подключить электричество на Кипре

Connecting electricity when buying secondary housing

The first thing to do is to transfer the electricity bills to your name. Make sure that the previous owner has paid off all electricity debts. After that, you can go to the office of the resource provider - the Cypriot company EAC (Electricity Authority of Cyprus).

Documents for connecting electricity when buying secondary housing

  • Application for transferring the account to your name
  • Valid passport
  • Sales contract or title deed
  • Pay the reconnection fee
  • Make a deposit

If you are renting housing for a long term, the process is the same, but instead of a sales contract, you need to provide a rental agreement.

Connecting electricity when buying new housing

Usually, the developer takes care of these matters. But you can do everything yourself, although some documents need to be obtained from the company that commissioned the house.

Documents for connecting electricity when buying new housing

  • Application for opening a new account
  • Sales contract or title deed
  • Building permit
  • Make a deposit (200 euros)
  • Pay the connection fee

The connection fee depends on the stage at which you are connecting the housing. All tariffs can be found in this file.

Electricity payment in Cyprus

Payment can be made in various ways: at service center terminals, at EAC office cash desks, through service, through your bank's application or EAC application. More details about all payment methods are provided in the article "Electricity Payment in Cyprus".

Frequently Asked Questions

How to contact the electricity supplier in Cyprus?

Contact details of the Electricity Authority of Cyprus offices are available on this page. Additionally, on the EAC website, there is a feedback form. You can also call the support phone number 1800.

How to check the electricity debt in Cyprus?

In the EAC application, information about your account will be displayed. After registering on the EAC website, you can also see the details of the account. You can also call 1800 and provide your 11-digit account number.

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