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Car Rental in Ayia Napa

Updated: 2 months ago

In the main party resort of Cyprus, there is an opportunity not only to visit the city's famous nightclubs but also to explore the surroundings of the city and the entire island.

The easiest way to do this is by car. If you do not reside permanently in Cyprus, you have the option to rent a car, and there are several ways to do it. We will now tell you about them.

Аренда авто Айя-Напа

Car rental in Ayia Napa directly from rental companies

If you already have a trusted rental company in mind, we recommend visiting their website and looking for Cyprus in the list of countries and Ayia Napa in the list of cities.

Advantages of renting directly:

  • loyalty programs that allow you to start saving on rentals after a certain period;
  • airline mileage accumulation promotions when booking with a specific company.

Disadvantages of renting directly:

  • the choice of models is limited to the fleet of a specific company;
  • cost is often higher than through search aggregators (not including discounts and special offers).

Top car rental companies:

  • Alamo
  • Thrifty
  • Budget
  • Avis
  • Enterprise
  • Hertz
  • Europcar
  • Sixt

Car rental in Ayia Napa through aggregators

Booking through search aggregators is often more convenient than through a specific company — smaller players appear in the search offering more competitive prices. Plus, you have a selection of cars from several rental companies, giving you more choices compared to a large rental provider.

The process is similar to hotel search engines. You need to enter the city — in our case, Ayia Napa (possibly in Latin characters), rental start and end dates, start time, and apply various filters during the search query stage.

After receiving the results, you need to view the car details, read the terms and conditions, provide your information, and make a prepayment. The main amount is paid on-site when signing the contract.

Aggregators differ in the number of rental companies, interface, overall user-friendliness, additional incentive programs, and other advantages over competitors.

Car rental in Ayia Napa via Localrent

Localrent — a popular aggregator with Russian roots and a limited range of countries, cooperating with small rental companies. Cyprus is listed as a country, and Ayia Napa is also in the city list. An obvious advantage is that you can make a prepayment through the website even with a Russian card. The lightning icon indicates that the car is available for instant booking, and the shield icon indicates that the advance payment is fully refundable if canceled a day or more before the rental start date.

Аренда авто Айя-Напа localrent

Car rental in Ayia Napa through Economy Bookings

One of the pioneers in searching for budget options, often offering very cost-effective deals. Enter (for some reason) Ayia Napa (although Ayia works too) — and you will be offered two options: delivery to the hotel (additional fee applies) and rental points in different parts of the city center.

Аренда авто Айя-Напа economy bookings

Car Rental in Ayia Napa through Auto Europe

A search engine with a very large database of offers with over 24,000 pick-up points across all countries it operates in. Results are presented in a convenient table format, allowing for easy comparison of offers from different companies.

Аренда авто Айя-Напа auto europe

Car Rental in Ayia Napa through Discover Cars

After rebranding in 2019, this aggregator was recognized as the third fastest-growing company in Europe engaged in car rental business. Search results can be sorted by a wide range of parameters, including the choice of child seat size.

Аренда авто Айя-Напа discover cars

Frequently Asked Questions about Car Rental in Ayia Napa

Is it possible to rent a car at the airport?

If you plan to rent a car for the entire duration of your stay in Cyprus, it makes sense to do so as soon as you arrive. However, there is no airport in Ayia Napa, the nearest one is in Larnaca. Read the relevant article: car rental at Larnaca airport.

How to get to Ayia Napa from the airport?

If you decide to rent a car not immediately at the airport but later in Ayia Napa, there are several ways to get to the city from Larnaca airport. Here is the instruction on how to do it.

How to pay fines in Ayia Napa?

If a police officer stops you in Ayia Napa or any other city in Cyprus, they will issue a fine - the police do not take money on the spot. You may also receive fines from cameras for speeding violations. In most cases, the payment will be deducted from your deposit, but depending on the rental company or rental period, in some cases you may pay them yourself online using our guide.

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