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Road tax in Cyprus: how and when to pay?

Updated: 2 months ago

Road tax must be paid by drivers in Cyprus by the beginning of March, or else they will face penalty sanctions.

Дорожный налог Кипр

Collection periods and documents

The tax can be paid quarterly - for three months, six months, nine months, or a year. To pay the tax, valid car insurance and a certificate of passed vehicle inspection are required.

Required documents for tax exemption

You can avoid paying the tax only if you can prove that you do not use the vehicle. To do this, you need to submit Form 98A (download here) to the Transport Department or a certificate confirming the disposal of the vehicle (statement here).

Where to pay the road tax in Cyprus

  1. On the Road Department website, select Road Tax Renewal, enter the vehicle or motorcycle registration number, and the last three digits of the owner's ID, and choose the tax payment period (3, 6, 9, or 12 months).
  2. At one of the population service centers.
  3. At the Road Transport Department in your district. Phone numbers and addresses can be found on this page.

Frequently asked questions about road tax

What is the deadline for paying the tax?

The road tax in Cyprus must be paid by March 10th (inclusive).

What happens if the tax is not paid on time?

If the road tax is not paid by March 10th, penalties will be imposed. Firstly, a 10 euro penalty will be added for the late payment. Secondly, 10% of the annual tax amount will be added. If you are stopped by the police, a 150 euro fine will be issued.

Do owners of electric vehicles have to pay road tax?

No, owners of electric vehicles in the Republic of Cyprus are exempt from road tax. This is done to promote the transition to environmentally friendly transport.

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