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How to get from Paphos Airport to Larnaca

Updated: 2 months ago

Many flights go directly to Larnaca Airport, but some low-cost airlines, such as Ryanair, fly to Paphos.

For those who arrive at Paphos Airport and are heading to Larnaca, we will tell you how to do it.

There are three ways to get from Paphos Airport to Larnaca:

  • by taxi
  • on a direct express bus
  • on city buses

Шаттлы из аэропорта Пафоса в Ларнаку


The most hassle-free option, but also the most expensive - due to the distance of the city, the trip will cost approximately 100 - 120 euros. However, it makes sense to consider this option if several people are traveling. The journey will take about an hour.

Express Bus

Departs from the airport to Larnaca without transfers. The journey time is just over one and a half hours, so it is better to allow two hours. Ticket price: adult 16 euros, child up to 12 years old 5 euros, infants free of charge.

The schedule is not very convenient - a maximum of 4 flights a day, and on Wednesdays only one flight, although it is tailored to arrivals and is likely to suit you. It is better to check the schedule on the Kapnos bus company website. You must select Paphos Airport on the left, and Larnaca (Headquarters) on the right. Then on the calendar, select the day of the week, and only after that the bus schedule will be available.

Расписание шаттла аэропорт Пафоса Ларнака

  • Please note that in winter, only one bus remains!

City Bus

The most inconvenient option, but for completeness, we'll tell you about it too. Bus number 613 operates from the airport to the central market. To transfer to a bus to Larnaca after getting off at the terminus, you will need to walk a bit to the Intercity bus stop "Παλαιά Περβόλα". The ticket costs 1.5 euros for the first bus, 7 euros for the second, and the journey time is about two hours.

The main inconvenience is not so much the transfer, but the bus schedule from Paphos to Larnaca: there are only three buses (05:55, 09:45, 20:00). These are direct buses, but if you are willing to make another transfer in Limassol, buses will be available to you hourly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where to find the schedule of buses from the center of Paphos to Larnaca?

You can find the schedule of direct buses at this link. There are also options with a transfer, first to Limassol (schedule) and then to Larnaca (schedule).

Where does the express bus stop in Larnaca?

The bus stop for the Kapnos company is approximately a kilometer from the center, for the exact location, see the map below.

Do I need to book the express bus to Larnaca?

Be sure to book tickets on the carrier's website, there are cases described online when there wasn't enough space on this route because the minibus provided is quite small.

You can arrange a transfer in advance if you value time and comfort. You can do this in our Telegram forum.

Остановка автобуса компании Kapnos в Ларнаке (Kapnos bus stop in Larnaca)
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