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How to get from Paphos Airport to Nicosia

Updated: 2 months ago

For those who have arrived at Paphos airport and are planning to head straight to the capital - for business or to visit the Northern part of the island - we will tell you how to do it.

There are three options to get from Paphos airport to Nicosia:

  • by taxi
  • by direct express bus
  • by city buses

Шаттл аэропорт Пафос


The most hassle-free option, but also the most expensive - due to the distance from the city, the trip will cost around 120 euros, and it's not guaranteed that every taxi driver will agree to take you. However, it's worth considering this option if you are traveling with several people. The journey will take over an hour.

Express Bus

Departs from the airport to Nicosia without transfers. The journey takes just over one and a half hours, it's better to budget for two hours. Ticket prices: adult 16 euros, child up to 12 years old 5 euros, infants travel for free.

The schedule is not very convenient - a maximum of 4 flights per day, and on Wednesdays only 1 flight, although it is tailored to arrivals and is likely to suit you. It's better to check the schedule on the Kapnos bus company website. Select Paphos airport on the left, Nicosia on the right. Then choose the day of the week on the calendar, and the bus schedule will be available.

Расписание шаттла Пафос Никосия

City Bus

There are three bus routes from the airport to the city:

  • 612 - to the harbor
  • 613 - to the central market
  • 649 - to the northern part of the city and suburbs

To transfer to a bus to Nicosia, you need route 613 to the central market. The ticket costs 1.5 euros.
Upon arrival, you will need to walk a bit to the Intercity buses stop "Παλαιά Περβόλα". The ticket costs 7 euros, the journey takes about two hours.

Городской автобус аэропорт Пафос

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find the bus schedule from the center of Paphos to Nicosia?

You can find the schedule at this link. The website is in Greek, but the built-in browser translation to English works well.

Where does the express bus stop in Nicosia?

The Kapnos bus stop is not quite in the center, check the exact location on the map below.

How long will it take to transfer between buses in Paphos?

You will need to walk about 500 meters, depending on your pace it will take from 5 to 10 minutes. You can use the elevator to get to the bus station, which will be convenient if you have luggage.

Карта автобусных станций Пафос

In general, it is obvious that the option with the city bus is the least convenient and is suitable for adventurous travelers, unburdened by luggage and eager to immerse themselves in Cypriot life right away.

If you value time and comfort, you can arrange a transfer in advance. You can do this in our Telegram forum.

Остановка Kapnos в Никосии (Kapnos stop in Nicosia)
Остановка городского автобуса 613 из аэропорта в Пафосе (Stop of public bus 613 from the airport in Paphos)
Остановка Intercity в Пафосе (Intercity stop in Paphos)
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