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How to check for unpaid fines?

Updated: 2 months ago

We have already talked about how to pay fines online. But how can you find out if you have any outstanding fines?

Searching for fines in Cyprus

проверка штрафов кипр

At the police station

When you visit a police station in person, you will be provided with information about any existing fines. To do this, you will need to provide the following information:

  1. identification document (its number);
  2. first and last name;
  3. vehicle registration number.

So, it is not necessary to have your passport or ID with you, just the numbers and correct spelling of your name and surname.

By contacting the police department by phone

You can call the Main Police Department at the numbers 22607545, 22607546, or 22607547 and provide your document number (passport or ID), last name, first name, and vehicle registration number.

Fines from cameras

For fines issued by automated traffic violation detection systems, there is a separate number: 80008009. You will need to provide the same information - document number (passport or ID), last name, first name, and vehicle registration number.

Frequently Asked Questions about Fines in Cyprus

What are the police's working hours?

The Main Police Department, where you can get information about fines using the above-mentioned phone numbers, operates on weekdays from 07:00 to 14:30.

What do cameras capture?

They capture speeding, running red lights, and crossing the stop line. But if a violation is detected, the inspecting officer can also identify and issue fines for not wearing a seat belt, using a phone, or not wearing a helmet for motorcyclists.

How to pay fines online?

Online fine payment is made on the portal. We have posted a step-by-step guide on this page.

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