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Best cycling routes in Cyprus

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If you are a fan of cycling in the surroundings of beautiful landscapes, and also so that the road is not only beautiful, but also creates physical exertion, then this article is for you.

If you have your own iron horse, or come for a short stay and rent a bike in Cyprus, depending on your region of residence, you can take interesting bike routes recommended both by our team of expats who have lived on the island for many years, and by the Cyprus Tourism Development Center.

Best bike routes in Cyprus



The waterfront bike path starts at Limassol Marina and ends at Dasoudi Park and Beach, 5 kilometers long. At the same time, there are no height differences.

Route along the Garillis riverbed

Shady bike path in excellent condition with almost no intersection with the roadway. It starts at the old mosque and runs through the city from north to south. The length is also 5 kilometers.

Route along the Vafkya riverbed

Like Garillis, it rises from the embankment to the mountains to the north. The landmark at the embankment is the Crowne Plaza Hotel. The track is 3 kilometers long.

Cycling routes around Limassol

Outside the city, there are serious routes on public roads and hiking trails. These routes are recommended by the Limassol Tourism Office and are more than 70 kilometers long, so they are suitable for those who ride road bikes. Routes in the form of images with all the track data are shown below (if you click, the image will open in high resolution).

limassol bike routes

limassol bike routes


Pedieos Riverbed Route

The theme of riverbeds has also taken root in the capital. The bike path is uneven in surface quality, runs from Kinyra Street to the south of the city and ends at Ayiou Georgiou Street in Lakatamia district. The route is 11 kilometers long.

Athalassa Forest Park

A large green area in the south-eastern part of Nicosia, you can ride on any paths among coniferous trees.

Alsos Forest

Quite a modest park, but it is also located in the south-eastern part of the city, so you can combine them. The park itself is only about a kilometer long, but there are walking and cycling paths inside.

Route along the buffer zone

It's hard to call it a bike path, but there are no cars here anyway, so it will be comfortable. And the abandoned atmosphere of the surrounding areas will add color. It starts at Toufexis Park and ends at the Paphos Gate.


McKenzie Beach Bike Ride

From the famous beach, you can go in two directions - to the salt lake, where in winter photo hunters look for flamingos, and in the other direction - to the medieval castle.

Bike path to Oroquini

As the name suggests, the track reaches the village of Orokini. It starts on the ring road at the American University of Cyprus and runs along Dikelia Road to Orokini Beach.


There are many bike paths in the city, but they do not make up a single whole, they are all quite scattered. But there are a couple of exceptions.

Cycling route from Paphos Castle

From the medieval castle to the north along the sea there is an excellent walking path. And although it is designed for pedestrians, the width and lack of human traffic allows you to ride there perfectly.

Paphos Bike Route-Aphrodite's Stone

The name speaks for itself. The length of the route is about 20 kilometers, there are almost no elevation differences, and most of it runs along the sea along the road-a stand-in for the low-traffic route. Aphrodite Rock can also be reached by public transport.


By and large, there is only one bike route in the city — an equipped bike path along Nissi Avenue, which runs through the entire settlement. You can ride along the embankment, but it is often interrupted.


As in neighboring Ayia Napa, there is only one full-fledged bike path in the city, and it is located along Cavo Greco Avenue. By the way, the national Park of the same name is not so far away, and you can have a great ride there, especially on mountain bikes.


There is one, but the most pleasant route here — Akamas Peninsula National Park. These are dense coniferous forests by the standards of Cyprus and fascinating views of the sea and the quaint coast. You can only ride a mountain bike — there are no paved roads here.


In the mountains, and especially in the area of the village of the same name, there are many tracks for hiking, they can also be used as bike routes. This is both the Giant Juniper tree track and the slightly more challenging Atalanti Nature Trail, a downhill walk to the best of your abilities from Troodos to villages downhill, such as Platres.

Stavros to Pafos route

Separately, we will highlight this route as both long (about 60 kilometers) and not at all labor-intensive, because almost all the time there is a descent. Start from the village of Stavros tis Psokas and go down to Paphos via Panaia.

On the official website of Troodos National Park, there is a separate page for cyclists, where there are links to bike route maps.


A small village, but the Limassol Tourism Authority has identified four routes that are suitable for both cyclists and hikers. Here they are, in the pictures below (click to open the image in high resolution).

pissouri bike routes

pissouri bike routes

pissouri bike routes

pissouri bike routes


Where can I rent bicycles?

For city walks along the Limassol waterfront, bike sharing is suitable, for serious tracks in Troodos, it is better to take a good bike for a few days. We discussed all these options in the article "Bike rental in Cyprus".

What other places can you go by bike?

Cyprus has many national parks. Some of them were discussed in this article, but you can come to any park by bike. Here is a list of national parks in Cyprus.

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