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Rules for installing wheel chains

Updated: 2 months ago

It may seem strange, but this is a very relevant question for residents of Cyprus in the winter period.

Yes, we are not in Switzerland, but the thing is that in the Troodos Mountains, the passage is often closed for cars without all-wheel drive or anti-skid chains. And if your car is not 4x4, special devices will come to your rescue.

цепи на колёса Кипр

What are anti-skid chains

Anti-skid chains are special devices designed to improve the traction of a car's wheels with the road during snowfall and ice. Usually, they consist of metal links that are attached to the car's tires and rims. Anti-skid chains, when properly installed, prevent the car from slipping on unstable surfaces.

Preparing for chain installation - what you need to know

Before installing anti-skid chains on your car, pay attention to several important points:

  • Make sure the selected chains are compatible with your car. Different models and brands may require different types of chains.
  • Check the size of your car's tires. The chains should correspond to the tire parameters to ensure proper and safe traction.
  • Before using, make sure that the chains are in good technical condition, without any damage or wear. Also, make sure that all chain elements are in their proper places. Even if the chains are new, a check won't hurt.
  • Carefully read the manufacturer's instructions, even if everything seems clear at first glance. It describes the correct installation and adjustment.
  • If you are installing chains for the first time, practice at home, in the garage, or any other safe place. This will help you better understand the process and speed up installation on the road.
  • Do not install chains on a road where car traffic can be dangerous. Install them on the roadside or in a parking lot before a challenging section.

The process of installing anti-skid chains

  • Chains are usually installed on the driving wheels, regardless of whether they are front or rear. However, in some cases, the manufacturer may recommend specific wheels for installation - again, read the instructions first.
  • First, the chain needs to be unfolded to give it a basketball hoop shape and lay it along the wheel.
  • Depending on the type of chain, it may be installed by "driving" onto it, this needs to be clarified in the instructions.
  • In any case, first study the instructions for the specific chain and follow the recommendations outlined in it.
  • After installing the chain, drive a few meters and tighten it in the sagging areas.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do anti-skid chains cost?

The prices of anti-skid chains range from 40 euros to 250 euros. The cost depends on the brand of the chain, as well as the tire size.

Is it necessary to put chains on all wheels?

It is sufficient to have a pair of chains on the driving wheels, although another pair can also be installed, but it will only affect braking on icy slopes.

Can chains be used on asphalt?

No, it can damage the tire, rim, and even the car's fender. Chains should be put on directly before encountering a snowy road section. However, if there are small asphalt sections in between, there is no need to remove and put the chains on every time.

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