Cyprus, Nicosia

Elizaveta Krylova

Author, editor

Education: Moscow State University (MSU), Faculty of Journalism, specialization "Television Journalism." Thesis topic: "System of Psychoinformational Influences and Their Possible Application in PR," defended at the Department of Advertising and PR on May 25, 2007.

Courses, internships, training:

02.2007 - 05.2007 - Integrated Marketing Communications. A series of training sessions and seminars. Moscow, MSU.
09.2006 - 01.2007 - English language courses. Prague, Czech Republic.
09.2010 - 05.2011 - Swedish language courses, levels 1 and 2. Folkuniversitetet, Stockholm, Sweden.
08.2014 - Directing, course "Short Film Shooting" by Mikhail Fatakhov, Academy of Cinematic Arts, Moscow. Within the course, two short films were shot.

Professional experience:
Correspondent for TV channels ATV, NTV, Channel One, Mir-TV. Responsibilities: finding topics for stories, on-site shooting, conducting interviews, writing scripts, editing (full cycle of creating a story).
Screenwriter, editor: "DIXI - TV," "Zodiak Entertainment" (Sweden, Stockholm), "Connect Film," "Mir Reality." Responsibilities: writing scripts in pseudo-reality, detective, docudrama formats, adapting Swedish TV series and reality shows for the Russian market, translating and editing scripts, writing synopses and announcements.
Author: periodic publications - newspaper "Moskovsky Komsomolets," "Pilates Journal," media group "Zhivi."
Project work in election campaigns during the State Duma elections in Russia - copywriting, speechwriting, finding relevant topics, writing materials supporting the candidate's significance and image.