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Purchasing a ticket to Northern Cyprus through the Anadolujet website

Updated: 2 months ago

Anadolujet is a subsidiary airline of Turkey's flagship carrier, Turkish Airlines.

Furthermore, the high standards of the parent company extend to the low-cost segment as well. For example, there is no extra charge for a sandwich and basic baggage, which is rare among budget airlines. Moreover, the cost of transportation is comparable to another popular low-cost carrier in Turkey, Pegasus Airlines.

We will explain how to purchase a ticket through the official Anadolujet website and the Turkish Airlines website - as this possibility also exists. Additionally, we will provide information on payment methods without a foreign bank card.

Anadolujet Северный Кипр

Purchasing a ticket on the Anadolujet website

On the main page of the website (there is no Russian version, but there is an English version at, you need to select the departure and arrival airports. You can enter either Ercan or Lefkosa - the system recognizes both options. Then, as usual, choose the date, indicate the number of passengers, and click the search button. If it is a one-way ticket, you need to check the 'One way' checkbox. All screenshots are clickable.

Покупка билета Северный Кипр Anadolujet

After that, flight options and a calendar with prices depending on the day will appear: choose the one that suits you. Typically, direct flights are the cheapest.

Покупка билета Северный Кипр Anadolujet

After selecting a flight, you will have the option to choose a fare. The fare differs in terms of baggage weight included in the price, as well as the cancellation or rescheduling policy. The main details of the ticket purchase are provided at this stage. As we can see, even the most budget fare includes 15 kilograms of baggage included in the ticket price.

Покупка билета Северный Кипр Anadolujet

After selecting the fare and clicking the Continue button in the bottom right corner, you will be asked to provide standard passenger information: name, surname, date of birth, and contact details.

Attention! The card used for the purchase must not be issued in Russia! Payment is made with the 3D secure function, which means that you will receive an SMS with a confirmation code on your phone.

Purchasing a ticket on the Turkish Airlines website

The process is exactly the same, with the only difference being that the Turkish Airlines website will display tickets for both the parent airline (with a red logo) and the subsidiary carrier (with a blue logo).

Покупка билета Северный Кипр Anadolujet

After that, you will choose the fare - the conditions are the same as when purchasing on the Anadolujet website.

Покупка билета Северный Кипр Anadolujet

Further steps are exactly the same as when purchasing through the Turkish Airlines website you are currently on. We have described this process in the instructions for purchasing tickets through the Turkish Airlines website.

Purchasing a ticket with a Russian card

If you do not have a foreign bank card and only have Russian cards, you can use the services of search aggregators. By the way, tickets there can even be cheaper than on the airline's website.

After searching and selecting a flight, the system will redirect you to an electronic checkout that accepts Russian cards for payment. Here are the aggregators that allow you to buy a ticket with a Russian card:

Покупка билета Северный Кипр Anadolujet

Frequently Asked Questions about Pegasus Airlines

Will I earn Turkish Airlines miles when purchasing on the Anadolujet website?

Yes, since this is a subsidiary airline, the Turkish Airlines mileage program also applies here. The mileage amount will be less, but they will be credited. You can provide your details after the flight or during the purchase process on the website, as shown in the screenshot.

Покупка билета Северный Кипр Anadolujet

From which cities in Turkey does Anadolujet fly to Northern Cyprus?

Anadolujet operates flights from the same cities as Turkish Airlines: Istanbul, Antalya, Izmir, Ankara, Adana, Gaziantep, Diyarbakir, and Kayseri. Also, see the overview of all airlines flying from Erzhan to Turkey and back.

What baggage can I take on Anadolujet flights?

Depending on the fare, you can transport different amounts of baggage on the airline's planes. The minimum is 15 kilograms, and on more expensive fares, it's 20 or 25 kilograms.

From which Istanbul airport does Anadolujet depart?

In Istanbul, there are two airports. Anadolujet operates its flights from Sabiha Gökçen Airport, located on the Asian side of the city. The low-cost carrier Pegasus also departs from this airport. Meanwhile, Turkish Airlines operates flights from the new Istanbul Airport on the European side, as does the North Cyprus airline Fly Kibris.

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