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Until what time is it allowed to make noise in Northern Cyprus?

Updated: 3 months ago

Noisy parties, loud renovations, or even roadworks can become a problem for neighbors.

ограничения шума северный кипр

Rules for private individuals

According to the rules of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, noisy works such as apartment renovations should only be carried out during the daytime, starting no earlier than 8 am and ending no later than 11 pm.

However, different municipalities may impose additional restrictions, which can be obtained by contacting the muhtar (neighborhood headman) or the belde (municipal administration) of your area. You can find a list of these contacts here.

Rules for restaurants and clubs

Except for Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays, establishments are required to maintain silence after midnight. On other days - Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday - parties must end by midnight. This does not apply to enclosed spaces such as nightclubs and casinos, where noise can continue until 3 or 4 am. More details can be found in the table below and in this file (.pdf).

ограничения шума северный кипр

Where to report violations

If you are disturbed by a private party or noise from renovations in an apartment - contact the police. In this case, the police recommend not even initiating initial contact with the disturber of peace, but immediately calling for a patrol.

In the case of violations by establishments - both to the police and to the Department of Environmental Protection:

Frequently Asked Questions about noise in Northern Cyprus

Where to report about noisy dogs?

If the barking dogs do not belong to anyone, you can contact both the muhtar and the Department of Environmental Protection (contacts above).

Where to find police phone numbers?

You can find emergency service numbers on this page.

We also recommend visiting the largest forum of Northern Cyprus, where 18,000 users will surely find an answer to any of your questions.

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